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A few months ago we found an amazing new game, Last Will. It’s based off the movie, Brewster’s Millions and is a whole lot of fun once you learn how to play and get all the rules straight in your head.


If you have the time I suggest watching the movie first, so you can get idea of what the game is about along with checking out some helpful YouTube videos.

Brewster’s Millions | 1945

Now let’s get our evening started…


Tip #1 Have the game all set up before your guests arrive. This will give you more time to explain the rules of the game.


Tip #2 You’re going to want to have laminated copies of the page that explains the meaning behind the symbols on the possible cards you could draw during the game for each player. This will help you get your game strategies all in order while you’re waiting to take your turn.

This game last for 8 rounds. With each round a new player is elected to choose their place on the top of the board first. Afterwards you play the round in order from left to right according to how each players token is placed on the board.

  • Planning/Strategy – This is where you draw the cards under your token. The number of cards will be indicated from 0-7.
  • Errands – In this part of the round you put your top hats on the board. The number of errands you get is either 1 or 2. Everyone does one errand at a time, working around the table until everyone has placed their aloted number of top hats.
  • Actions – This part of the round is completed all at once. Take your time to think out your choices before making your actions. Remember the goal of the game is to have no property or money remaining. Once you’ve lost it all, you’ve won the game.

Tip #3 It’s a good idea to have a selection of snacks and drinks to enjoy while you’re playing. We had some delicious treats from our Try the World boxes and a selection of drinks as well.


Tip #4 In between games, or once you’ve finished up your games for the evening, pizza is always a good idea. We headed uptown to Blaze Pizza which was absolutely delicious.

What I really enjoy about this game is there aren’t a lot of chances to ‘hurt’ the players. The worst thing you can do is pick the card from the board that someone else was after, or add to the amount that another player will get back after selling any property they may own.


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    So glad we found this game! We had a lot of fun!!!

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