How To Have a Spa Day At Home

I’ve been planning on doing a post about having a spa day at home for quite awhile now. You see you don’t always have to go out to a spa to have a nice relaxing day, sometimes it’s nice to spend time in your comfort zone and enjoying some relaxing time without having to go anywhere.

Here’s what you’ll need to have your spa day…

Skincare Products

You don’t have to have an elaborate spread, or a cabinet full of skincare products for a spa day. I started off with just a few things I had purchased when I first got the idea, but there are so many products that you can pick up from one of your local stores just beforehand.

  • Toner (while this can be optional, if you are going with a face mask, applying toner first will help you get the most out of your mask)
  • Face Masks (either sheet masks or ones that wash off)
Goodie bags…

I picked up these little sheet mask bags from Peach & Lily and eye masks (Mizon via Peach & Lily) to give to my mum who joined me for my spa day experience. It’s always nice to have a little something to give away, and these bags are perfect for taking your face mask with you when you’re traveling.

Honey & Lime Mizon Masks

I’ve been looking forward to using these Mizon Masks in Sweet Honey and Lime. These wash off masks will leave your skin feeling both hydrated and refreshed, plus they smell so delicious you’ll want to eat them. (But don’t do that!)

Flavored Water or Tea

One of the things that I enjoy about any spa experience is the water or tea that’s been infused with citrus. I don’t know about you, but during the week I definitely don’t get all of the hydration that I need, which is why I like to make the weekends all about getting hydrated.

I picked up Sparkling Waters by Voss from our local grocery store in Tangerine Lemongrass and Lime Mint to enjoy on our little spa day, but cold water with citrus or cucumber slices is also a good idea.


It’s really up to you what sort of snacks you choose. You can go with different trail mixes, baked goods, cheese and crackers and/or fresh fruit. (More about this particular selection of delicious bites on Thursday!)

Music (or) A Good Book

While most spa experiences have relaxing rooms will enforce strict silence, you can listen to music or catch up on the novel you haven’t quite gotten around to finishing. Mum is a lover of all things Audible, so she often listens to an audiobook to unwind a bit. The latest John Grisham (Camino Island) is her absolute fav at the moment.

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    Love all the spa-day recommends! Nothing says pampering like a good face mask!

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