Introducing Nicholas Caine

So I’ve been working on my first spy novel for awhile. First I started off by getting a solid rough draft… and then I let it sit. This has become a standard part of my creative writing process. Sure you think after you’ve gone through all that work and type ‘the end’ that you’re done. It’s complete… your job is through… but that is not the case.

After letting a novel sit, you see it with new eyes (very critical, all consuming doubt in your ability to put words together eyes) but that is what being a writer is. You are always, and will always be your own worse critic. You can also be your best advocate. It’s hard to pick yourself up by your boot straps and say, hey, this chapter just isn’t working for me. Time to go back to the drawing board.

So after nearly a year of deciding what things to keep and what parts to delete completely I have my official draft of The Paris Affair (formerly known as Desperate Times, Desperate Measures… yes title changing is all part of the process sometimes)

Do I have an editor? No. An Agent? No. Do I have hope that someday this novel with sit on a bookshelf ready for the literary loving public to read? Definitely.


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