Just Relax | 3 Essential Oils You Need to Know About

Essential oils have been a part of my daily life for several years now. At first it was Lavender Essential Oil to help with migraines, then I added Lemon Essential Oil which can calm stomach issues or in my case give my nose a more pleasant scent after going dealing with strong perfumes that can bring on migraines.

While I’m still new in my understanding of all of the benefits of essential oils, there are three essential oils in particular that I absolutely swear by.

  • Lavender
  • Sweet Orange
  • Tangerine

What all three of these essential oils have in common as they all promote relaxation and relief from stress. Now, you might think that Sweet Orange and Tangerine are too similar but they couldn’t be more different. If it’s been an especially long day and I need a bit of a perk up, the Tangerine essential oil does the trick. If I need a little relaxation when I’m feeling particular stressed, then Sweet Orange and Lavender are the essential oils I prefer to use.

This is not a sponsored post for artnaturals, but I cannot say enough about the quality of their oils and how much I enjoy using them. To find the essential oil(s) that will benefit you, just click here.

Christa | theavidpen

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  • Reply Melinda August 23, 2017 at 7:34 am

    I enjoy essential oils too! I love all the citrus ones, but probably use peppermint and lavender the most. I like diffusing them mostly. I have a cinnamon mixture one that is especially good for diffusing and making the house smell good!

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