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On Saturday we decided it was time to do some relaxing activities. Since I have to go have some dental work done this week, some relaxation was needed. (No one likes going to the dentist!)

Since our pedicure appointment was in Baxter, we decided to try out Akahana for lunch. Neither of us had ever been there before, and were in the mood for something new.

We both settled on the same thing, Chicken Lettuce Wraps and Egg Drop Soup. In review… While the portion sizes were extremely large, but the flavors just didn’t meet expectations. Maybe it was just what we ordered, but I think we would have been much happier if we went with our standard pedicure day food choice (Fratelli’s.)

Moving on…

Our pedicure location for the day was different than our usual as well. We’d heard a lot about Dolce Lusso  in the past, so we figured it was about time we give it a try.

Getting ready to head into the spa...
Getting ready to head into the spa…

I will definitely go to Dolce Lusso again. They use high quality products, and we definitely love their massage chairs.  It was a very relaxing pedicure and my feet have never felt so good!


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