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City Hunter
City Hunter | 2011 | Starring Lee Min-Ho & Park Min-Young

1| City Hunter – So this came out in 2011, and I just got around to watching it towards the end of last year. It’s the first time I’ve seen Lee Min-Ho in any drama and I absolutely love it. There’s action, mystery, romance… everything. Plus the Chemistry between the two leads is amazing.

* I can hardly wait till Dramafever releases Lee Min-Ho’s movie Gangnam Blues.

If you watched and enjoyed City Hunter you’re going to love this next one even more…

Healer | 2014 Ji Chang-Wook & Park Min-Young
Healer | 2014 Ji Chang-Wook & Park Min-Young

2| Healer – I absolutely love this show. I can pretty much say out of the all the latest Korean Dramas I’ve watched it’s at the top. Ji Chang-Wook really embodies the role of Healer, and Park Min-Young is amazing  as Chae Young-Shin. I liked it even better than City Hunter.

Recommended: If you enjoyed watching Ji Chang-Wook in this drama, check out his earlier work in Warrior Baek Dong Soo. This is only the third period drama I’ve ever watched, and the second set during the Joseon era.

Bridal Mask
Bridal Mask | 2012 | Joo Won & Jin Se-Yeon

3| Bridal Mask – This drama set during 1930’s is the most amazing period drama I’ve ever seen. It starts Joo Won, who has been on my list of favorite Korean actors since he starred in Good Doctor. The story is set during the time when the Japanese were in control of South Korea. This drama will have you on the edge of your seat from beginning to end, and is definitely worth watching more than once.


4| Birth of a Beauty – An heir to a large company and a woman trying to escape her troubled past work together to create a better future. In this drama there are characters than you will love and others you will really dislike… However, if you want to find out how this intriguing drama turns out you’ll have to check it out for yourself. It stars Joo San-Wook (who I previous watched in Good Doctor) and Han Ye-Seul.

Cunning Single Lady
Cunning Single Lady

Recommended: If you enjoyed watching Joo San-Wook in this drama, you’ve got to check him out in Cunning Single Lady, another amazing drama.

Now for the shows I’m currently watching…

Heal Me, Kill Me
Heal Me, Kill Me

5| Heal Me, Kill Me – this drama brings Ji Sung and Hawng Jung-Em from Secret Love back together again. This time Ji Sung plays the heir to a large company who, because of the trauma from his past has created seven different personalities to help with the pain. Hawng Jung-Em plays a psychiatrist who becomes his secret doctor to help him deal with the past for good. This one is guaranteed to make you tear up on numerous occasions, so I’ve given you fair warning!

Recommended: If you enjoyed Ji Sung in this drama, then you should check out his previous work in Protect the Boss and if you enjoy the chemistry between the main characters, then check to out the drama Secret Love that I mentioned.


6| Spy – this drama stars Kim Jae Joong (insert smiley face here!) and is based on a Israeli spy drama. Kim Jae Joong plays a NIS operative, and his mother is a former North Korean spy.


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