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Located in the shopping area on Metropolitan Ave. which includes multiple delicious eateries, and shops we found this little gem that will satisfy your sweet tooth. We’d spotted it on a previous visit to the area, and it has been on my list of shops to visit that has been growing a lot lately. (I just love all of the new things that are popping up in Charlotte these days.)

Since we’d taken several classes all about Macarons at Sur la Table, we’ve only grown in our love for this french dessert, and we were eager to check out the Macaron’s offered by Le Macaron. We’d read up on the some of the flavors available before our trip (namely the Basil White Chocolate) but we knew we’d still be in for a bit of decision making once we arrived in store.

As soon as you walk in through the front door, you’re offered a taste of the french gelato (which looks delicious but not so friendly to those of us who are dairy intolerant) or a taste of their macaron flavor of the day (which was coconut). YUM!

While you make you decisions, you can listen to the French radio music that fills the area around you and pretend you are in a macaron shop along the Champs Elysees.

Although you can see them from this picture, they had a gold covered dark chocolate Eiffel Tower that will most definitely be on my list of goodies to try for my next visit.

For those who wish to bring a single macaron home to appease the sweet tooth of those who didn’t come into the shop with you.

For our first visit to Le Macaron, we decided to limit ourselves to a box of four each, which most people would say made the decision on which flavors to go with even harder.

If you plan on eating your dessert while in the shop there are several seating options for you to enjoy your purchases.

I can just imagine munching on a macaron and sipping water between my bites of sweet deliciousness here. Can’t you?

In the end I went with:

  • Strawberry Keylime
  • Columbian Coffee (to share with mon grand pere)
  • Passion Fruit
  • Earl Grey

Mum went with Basil White Chocolate, Raspberry, Coconut and Chocolate Praline.


Walnut and Madagascar Black Vanilla Macarons are what tops our list of macaron’s to try at our next visit along with some of the delicious chocolates we spied on this visit.

Christa | theavidpen

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    Such a cute macaron shop! The flavors sound delicious 🙂


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