Let’s have Breakfast | Fearrington

One of the many things we enjoy about each stay at The Fearrington House Inn, is the breakfast each morning. Rain or shine, you can venture from your room to the Fearrington House Restaurant for fresh bakery goods (I always go for the bran muffin), fresh squeezed orange juice, and in my case the Crab and Leek Frittata.

On our first morning we had grey skies and rain, but we braved the cold and damp with our brightly colored umbrellas.
Time to take a quick snap of one of the flower arrangements on our way to the table.
Guests can feel free to choose between any of the open tables.
These are literally the best bran muffins I’ve ever tasted.
Smoothie anyone?
I went with the Crab & Leek Frittata on the first day…
… and the Blueberry Pancakes on the second.
Mum (The Needlework Finisher) had the Fearrington Breakfast both days, but on the second she substituted her meat for fruit and toast.

After a nice breakfast, we often like to finish things off with a nice cup of tea, and on this trip mum tried out Darjeeling (Decaf) Tea for the first time.

Once you’ve polished off the last of your tea or coffee, it’s time to venture out in the village or perhaps spend some time in one of the two relaxing rooms that are adjacent to the restaurant. The choice is yours…


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