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There are so many elements when it comes to putting together a look, and one thing that seems to tie it all together in a nice little bow, are the accessories that you choose. You can add statement pieces if you are looking to brighten up solid colors, or go with simple gold or silver jewelry when you wearing a more bold print that you want to shine all on it’s own.

So in this post I’m sharing about a few of the new accessories that I’ve added to my personal collection and giving you some suggestions on others that you might want to add to your own collection.

Kate Spade

I love quality accessories, so when I know something is going to be slightly out of my budget, I always look for the sales that pop up. Kate Spade has been a brand that I’ve just begun to add to my collection and I actually just bought my first Kate Spade bag during the Summer season. When going with quality and well known fashion labels I like to go with items that are going to versatile and can be worn with main different outfits.

Another rule I go by whenever before I go into any sale is to have a clear idea of what I’m looking for, because as every fashion lover will tell you, the moment you start scrolling through the website it’s quite easy to get carried away.

As with my handbags, I like to have a different wallet for the spring/summer and fall/winter months, so I knew from the moment I signed into the sale, that a wallet (or wristlet) was exactly what I was looking for.

After looking through all of the options, I decided on the Laurel Way iPhone Wristlet. While I could have gone with the standard black which is ideal for any classic look, I just loved richness of the Mahogany option which looks a rich shade of plum in person. Although the pouch inside the wristlet is originally intended to hold your iPhone I like to put my extra cards/cash there.

Laurel Way iPhone Wristlet in Mahogany $39

I always like to pick up a piece of jewelry, and since I loved the bangle bracelet that I picked out during the Summer Sale, and I’ve been looking to add more gold pieces to my jewelry collection,  the Tied Up Pave Hinge Bangle was the perfect choice. Plus, is ultra feminine and the perfect addition to any outfit when you are attending an event.

Tied Up Pave Hinge Bangle in Clear/Gold $29


Mejuri is a brand that I discovered recently and there are so many reasons to love their jewelry pieces All of their diamonds are conflict free and the majority of their 14K gold items are custom made. You can read about your designer on their website and read more about the jewelry making process. Plus, I really love their mission statement.

We believe luxury should be accessible, fun, and part of your everyday.

I shared about some of my favorite pieces in a previous post and I decided to try a few of their rings for my first purchase. Each package comes wrapped gift wrapped box with a little personalized note and care instructions for your jewelry.

Stellar Ring and Olive Ring
Stellar Ring & Olive Ring

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