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Let’s talk snacks… Not everyone is into snacking, but for those of us who like to graze throughout the day and enjoy appetizers more than entrees, this post is for you.

Over the past year, I’ve subscribed to bi-monthly boxes from Try the World. Every to months you get a box full of goodies hand from a different country. Included in the box are suggest uses for the items, and a bio on the chef who put the box together.

With the popularity of the service, they’ve also started a once a month snack box for $15 dollars per box. Each box will contain items from a variety of countries.

Since I have food allergies, I decided to select items that I wanted from the Try the World shop and make my own snack box.

Dried Mango & Peach Gummies.
Dried Mango & Peach Gummy Candy

The dried mango pieces come from Thailand and the Peach Gummy Candy as you can see, comes from Japan. In the boxes I’ve received from both countries in the past few months, I received Dried Coconut, which I plan to use in a muffin recipe, and Lychee Gummy Candy.

I’ve tried the Peach Gummy Candy and let me tell you, you’ll never be able to stop at just one. There is no artificial taste and it combines two of my favorite things. Gummy candy and Peaches… Plus each gummy is individually wrapped, so they’re ideal for stashing in your purse.

Savory Olive Oil Tortas
Savory Olive Oil Tortas

I just enjoyed one of these handmade Torta’s from Spain over the weekend. It was absolutely fab-u-lous and the perfect accompaniment to the rest of my salad from Dean and Deluca. Move over bread roll… Hello, Torta!

Oat Crips Cookies
Oat Crips Cookies

I cannot wait to try these cookies. They come from Sweden and you can have more than one without feeling guilty. I grew up enjoying oatmeal cookies, so I’m very much looking forward to them!

Interested in subscribing to the snack box? You can subscribe on the link here. Want to visit the shop and pick out your own items? Just click here.


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