Live Love Give @ Pier 1

On Saturday we attended the Live Love Give event at our local Pier1 to learn all about creating an amazing gifts for Mother’s Day. It was the first event we’d attended through Pier1, but we couldn’t have been more excited to see what creative insights we could learn from the team.

As we waited for the other event goers to arrive, we helped ourselves to some snacks from the little snack bar that the Pier1 team had put together and look through some of the gift baskets that the team had done before arrived.

During the first part of the Live Love Give event, we were given tips on how to put together the ultimate Mother’s Day basket.

Placing all the gifts just so…

  • Pick out all the gifts that you want to give and then you pick your basket.
  • If you fill your basket halfway up with crumpled tissue paper not only will it give the illusion that there are more gifts than there actually are, but it will also allow the heavier items something to sink into, giving you the varied heights you are looking for.
  • Place your tallest item in the back of the basket

After the first demo we were invited to put together out own little baskets for the class to see. We went with the a seaside theme which is my absolute favorite theme to go with now that summer is on it’s way.

I knew these coasters had to be part of my basket.
Time to go back to the table and put together our basket in front of the group.

Once everyone had had a chance to put their baskets together, we went back to the table area to learn about fun summer tablescapes to put together.

A seaside table setting idea.
These remote control lanterns are oh, so fun. I would definitely keep them on the ‘twinkle’ setting to give an extra bit of ambiance.
Loved the flamingo napkins and using the palm leaf placemat for a bit of extra green…

While we are on the topic of tablescapes… I had to share a picture of the spring tablescape we did for our Easter Brunch using the bunny plates and rattan chargers from Pier1.


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