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They say to write what you know, but I’ve never agreed with that statement. Just because you haven’t been to the countries you are writing about, it shouldn’t stop you. One of the bookshelves in my writing studio/bedroom is completely dedicated to travel books for many of the countries on my list of places I want to see someday.

For my current spy novel, Rouge, there are quite a few locations that Nicholas Caine, his cohorts and arch-enemies travel to throughout the book.

The photo above is one that influenced my decision to create a secret group bent on infiltrating and controlling every security agency around the globe.

I used to do all my research before I even started writing the first chapter, but these days (with limited time to dedicate work on the final novel in he trilogy) I’m researching as I go to keep the information fresh in my mind.

For this particular novel I created basic the chapter outline first and then my list of locations in the order they fall within the outline.

Here are a few of the locations:

  • Langely, Virginia (obviously)
  • San Sebastian, Spain
  • Tangiers, Morocco
  • The Balkans

Learning about different countries has always been something I’ve enjoyed, and I enjoy sending my characters to places around the globe.


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