Love Me If You Dare | Review

So let me start by saying, I’ve never watched a Chinese drama before. Up until this moment it’s purely been Kdramas, BBC shows and an occasional French or Italian movie. From the moment I saw the trailer for Love Me, If You Dare on the Viki app I knew I absolutely had to watch it.

This drama stars Wallace Huo as a Criminal Psychologist, Simon Bo who was captured in the past by a serial killer. Since returning to China from the States he’s been living in relative seclusion without only one friend staying at his home. When he decides he needs a translator, he hires Jenny Jian (Ma Si Chun) a university student. At first Simon has no interaction with Jenny but slowly over time they start spending time together. Xun Ran (Wang Kai) a detective and family friend has reservations about her spending so much time with Simon but Jenny soon comes to realize that she relies on Simon every bit as much as he does on her.


When they discover connections between the serial killer that Simon put away in the States to the murders occurring with increasing frequency they begin to wonder if the true mastermind from Simon’s past wasn’t someone else entirely. At 18 episodes in, I’ve been constantly at the edge of my seat with this one. Definitely recommend to those of you who enjoy crime/mystery dramas.


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