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Ever since my trip to Charleston last year, I’ve been in love with Gilchrist and Soames shampoo and shower gels. At first I was strictly a London Shampoo & Shower Gel girl… but then I branched out to the Bee Kind Shampoo that has a lovely lemon scent to it. (It has honey extract in the mix as well, thus the Bee Kind.)

However, on my recent order, I saw the Essential Elements Bathe Shampoo that has orange blossom scent as well as Ginkgo Biloba and Ginseng.

Essential Elements Bathe
Essential Elements Bathe

I have to agree with them on the benefits this shampoo will bring to your hair. Since I have to wash my hair daily, I definitely need a shampoo that won’t dry it out, and this shampoo definitely leaves my hair feeling soft and gives me some badly needed volume. So, if you have fine hair like I do, I definitely recommend you give this one a try!

As a added bonus, I received this Massage Brush along with my order. It’s absolutely amazing, and the brush isn’t harsh on your skin. You can order one yourself for $12, and I definitely think it’s money well spent.

Deluxe Massage Brush
Deluxe Massage Brush

Looking to switch up your daily shampoos, conditioners and shower gels? Check out Gilchrist & Soames site here.


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