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Keeping my lips healthy is something that I’ve always focused on. Several years ago before I started using Clinique products I would have a terrible time with dry cracked lips which is not only uncomfortable but not exactly attractive either. So you can imagine that I was in absolute heaven when I discovered their moisturizing lip balms etc.

Now to the present… I’ve been in the mood to try new things when it comes to make up lip balms/ etc lately, so I went over to the Sephora site and decided to pick out some new products to try.

Too Cool for School | Dinoplatz Lip Balm
Too Cool for School | Dinoplatz Lip Balm
via Sephora
via Sephora

1| Too Cool for School | Dionplatz Lip Balm – I went with the Pinky Pie shade… it only adds the most subtle amount of color to your lips and I find the texture of the product really interesting. (Think Jello… smells kind of like it too.)

The Skinny: This product feels nice on your lips and if you’re just looking for a hint of color instead of going all glam this one is an excellent option.

Diora Addict | Lip Glow
Dior Addict | Lip Glow

2| Dior Addict | Lip Glow – I’ve heard great things about this product from other bloggers and I decided to give it a try. This Color Reviving Balm works with your lips natural chemistry to give you a signature color and also gives them much needed hydration.

The Skinny: If you’re looking for a lip balm that feels like heaven on your lips and will give you a shade all your own, this one definitely for you.

Clinique | Pop Lip Colour + Primer/ Rouge Intense + Base
Clinique | Pop Lip Colour + Primer/ Rouge Intense + Base

3| Clinique Pop Set – This set came with the colors Wow Pop, Sweet Pop, Passion Pop. While the product felt nice on my lips, the two of colors shades just did not blend well with my skin tone. The first one in the pic (Sweet Pop) was the only one out of the bunch that worked well over the moisture balm I use. (I tend more towards the mauvey pinks and nudes when it comes to lip color.)

The Skinny: If you’re more of a lipstick girl, I would definitely recommend this one. If you’re looking for more of a lipstick + lipstick cross over then go for Clinique Pop Lip Lacquer. Goes on silky smooth and feels great.


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