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Having lunch at the Big Ben Pub in Charlotte’s Southend has been on my foodie to do list for quite awhile now. Located in the Atherton Mill, Big Ben Pub is the perfect location to grab some English pub food on a rainy day. (It was chucking it down as Paddington would say.)

For my first introduction to Big Ben, I brought my grandfather along who has often told me that he wanted to go to a place where he could get a Full English Breakfast. (He visited London many times during his traveling days, and that was one traditional meal that he remembers fondly.)

We arrived before the noon rush, and ran in sans umbrella (not the best idea, but sometimes it’s less stress to get a little wet than messing around with an umbrella that is more of a pain than anything else.)

Big Ben Pub

Both of us had pretty much decided what we wanted to order before we got there, I was just going between the Cockney Chicken Sandwich and the Fish and Chips. (I’ll definitely give the Fish and Chips a try the next time I pop in.)

While we waited for our food, I looked around the place, and it was easy to pretend that if I walked back outside I would be in London-town instead of in Charlotte. (They even have a trivia night on Tuesdays BTW!)

Big Ben Pub

My grandfather fully enjoyed his full English which lived up to his expectations, and the steak cut fries which were absolutely delicious made the trip home with us.

Big Ben Pub
Cockney Chicken Sandwich with Steak-cut Fries
Big Ben Pub
Full English Breakfast

Big Ben is definitely a place to check out whether it’s rainy or not (although the rainy weather did make it feel even more authentic!) So when you’re next in Charlotte’s Southend make sure that Big Ben is on your list!

Christa | theavidpen

Big Ben Pub – 2000 South Blvd #150, Charlotte, NC 28203

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