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For Valentine’s this year, mum and I decided to celebrate with dinner and show. Since we’d never tried Blue before (and it’s right across the way from the Blumenthal) we decided to check it out.

Photo via Blue Charlotte's Website
Photo via Blue Charlotte’s Website

It was absolutely freezing outside, so we were grateful for the complimentary valet out front. One thing that impressed me about this restaurant before we’d even ordered, is their willingness to work with food allergies. The waiter or waitress, in our case, asked about food allergies before even going over the menu with us.

Mum started off with the Poached Pear Salad
Mum started off with the Poached Pear Salad
Half Chicken
Half Chicken

This chicken was literally the best I’ve ever tasted to date, and since I couldn’t finish it all, it came home with us.

Waiting for my car to brought around...
Waiting for my car to brought around…
In our seats and waiting for the show to begin.
In our seats and waiting for the show to begin.

Unfortunately there were no photos allowed during this show… but here are some pictures of the performance via Google.

Having fun...
Having fun…

There were three different actresses playing the role of Matilda depending on the show (Sarah McKinley Austin, Lily Brooks O’Briant and Savannah Grace Elmer.) I believe that Lily was the actress who played Matilda for the performance we saw.

The play had a few similarities to the movie, such as Matilda’s father’s occupation in the car business and certain occurrences at the school, and yet overall was completely unique in it’s own way.  I enjoyed the school scenes the most, and David Abeles who played the evil headmistress Miss Trunchbull really pulled off the role exceptionally well.

While it wasn’t the most spectacular show I’ve ever seen, I still enjoyed it and found myself laughing and smiling throughout.


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    Definitely sounds like a great Valentine’s Day to me!

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