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Push yourself. Don’t just settle. Just Live. – Me Before You

Up until now Louisa Clark has lived a rather ordinary life working at a cafe in her small town, but when the cafe she works at closes, she’s out of a job. With the financial situation less than ideal at home, she desperately needs a job to help out her family. So when an opening to take care of a quadriplegic man comes her way, she readily agrees.

Will Traynor, a one time investment banker, was hit by a motorcycle two years ago and became a quadriplegic as a result. In the years since his accident, his view of the world and how his life has changed since then has turned him into a mere shadow of the man he once was.

When Louisa walks into his life with her perky attitude and wacky fashion sense, he’s resistant to open up to her. Why should he take the chance to get to know someone, when nothing is going to change for him.

After learning a secret that had been kept from her by her employers, Louisa becomes determined to show Will that no matter his limitations, that he can still have a chance at a full life full of adventure… and even love.

The Review:

I went into this movie already knowing I was going to be heartbroken by the end of it, I’d already read the book and knew exactly what to expect.

While I can understand how desperate Will must have felt before Louisa came into his life, he and Louisa had a good thing going. She worked so hard to show him that he could still have a full life, even with his physical limitations. He had a chance at love, and someone who wanted to be by his side… and yet he just decided to give it all up?


Note: If you want to find out what happened to Louisa after the loss of Will, you need to check out the sequel ‘After You.’

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    I don’t like movies with sad endings!

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