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There is no out…

Let me start by saying, if you are looking for a big Hollywood film filled with constant action, this film is not for you. However if you have watched any of the Spooks (MI-5) series, you’re sure to enjoy it. It keeps to the feel of he show, bring back Harry Pearce along with a cast of newbies which include Kit Harington. If we’re being honest, I might not have given this one a shot if not for him.

Peter Firth, Kit Harrington
Peter Firth, Kit Harington

Kit plays Will Holloway, a former agent with a grudge against Harry for kicking him out of the service and because he will not reveal the details of his fathers death.

When a terrorist escapes custody, Harry’s loyalty is questioned and he must come up with a plan while remaining on the run.

This film is currently available for rent on iTunes and I’d definitely recommend it to those who enjoy the series and BBC programming in general.


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