Moroccan Spa Day | Dolce Lusso

On Saturday we had a much needed spa day planned and since our Moroccan inspired pedicures weren’t scheduled until 2pm, we decided to start our day off with a little brunch at the The Gallery Restaurant located in the Ballantyne Hotel & Lodge.

img_4718 img_4779 img_4733 img_4727 img_4781 img_4782 img_4783 img_4786

After our brunch we walked around the resort, catching some of the beautiful views…

img_4740 img_4744 img_4765 img_4767 img_4788 img_4789

We wandered up to Stonecrest for some much needed Starbucks (Trenta Mango Black Tea!) before heading over to Baxter Village and Dolce Lusso for our Moroccan themed pedicures.

img_4769 img_4768 img_4770 img_4771 img_4772 img_4773 img_4775 img_4776

Wishing you all a wonderful week!


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