My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2 | Movie Review

I rented this movie with some skepticism. More often that not sequels don’t quite measure up to the originals, but I decided to give it a chance.

This movie picks up 17+ years after the last movie left of. Toula, now has a teenage daughter, Paris who is is struggling just how Toula once was, to get out of the clutches of her well-meaning but overbearing family.


While Paris is definitely one of the focuses of this movie, the other large part of the story is the fact that after Toula’ father, Gus, decides to go on to prove that he is a descendant of Alexander the Great, he finds out that he and his wife are not actual married as the marriage license was never official signed by the priest.

Toula and Ian
Toula and Ian

The storyline of this movie weaves back and forth between the wedding arrangements and Toula and Ian who seemed to have disconnected over the years and are now finding their way back to each other.

This film definitely has comedy and heart warning moments intersperced throughout. Definitely worth a rent at the very least.


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