Old Edwards Inn/Highlands Mini-break| Day 2

October 6th, 2014

Our second day was our spa day. We’d been looking forward to it for months, and Old Edwards has an amazing spa.


Time to head down to the spa, get checked in and fill out the paperwork in the spa store.

After checking in we walked over to the main spa area to get into our spa robes and shoes and make some tea. Mum had her pedicure first, so my sister and I went to the relaxing room after fixing some tea.

Chamomile of course.
Chamomile of course.
Time to curl up and relax.
Time to curl up and relax.

After mum and my sister (Ashley) had their pedicures it was time for some lunch. The spa has a private dining area surrounded by windows, which in warmer weather are opened to bring in fresh air.

Herbed Hummus
Herbed Hummus
Chicken Salad Sandwich and Soup of the Day...
Chicken Salad Sandwich and Soup of the Day…
Vegan Chocolate Mousse
Vegan Chocolate Mousse

After lunch my sister and I had our minds fixed on trying out the spa hot tub (the indoor one versus the outdoor one across the street. It was just too cold to consider that.) However, since getting in the water after eating is not ideal, we dropped off the remains of our lunch in the mini-fridge in our room and took up sanctuary in the relaxing room upstairs. (We were in the mood for absolutely relaxation and in this particular room no talking is allowed.) I love snuggling up with the warm blanket and just relaxing the afternoon away.

After a little while in the hot tub, a quick shower we headed back up to the relaxing room until it was time for my pedicure.

When it was time to start thinking about dinner, the rain started which led to the obvious decision. Order food from Wolfgang’s and eat in the room. (My sister and I braved the deluge to pick up the food.)

Luckily I snapped some picks of Wolfgang’s the day before…

Well, that’s the end of our spa day. Stay tuned for our final day in the Highlands.


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