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Ever wanted to print up your amazing Instagram pics? Well, the Origrami app is absolutely amazing and so easy to use. I’ve decided to commemorate some of my favorite Instagram moments this year, and try out the app.

Here’s a bit about Origrami…

Jeff & Betsy
This is always a plus!
This is always a plus!

Now for some of the options. You can pick between a variety of fun tins to store your photos in, a variety of layouts depending on what package you go with, and the option of a plain, color, map or back with text (also dependent on package.)

Now that you’ve seen the options, it’s time to get started. It’s time to start selecting your photos. You’ll be able to access all the photo albums currently on your device.

Camera Roll/Instagram/VSCO Cam etc...
Camera Roll/Instagram/VSCO Cam etc…

Click into an album and start selecting… Want to have more then one copy of a particular photo? Just click on the photo more than once.

What to choose?
What to choose?

After you review it’s time to check out and allow the app to download the pictures. Be sure to follow the directions and not shut down the app till you’re given the okay!

I went with the Maxprints option which lets you pick 24 photos. I couldn’t have been more pleased with the end result!

24 memories in print!
24 memories in print!

I can’t wait to use this amazing app again. Being able to hold memories in your hands really is priceless.


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