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If you don’t imagine, nothing ever happens at all. – John Green, Paper Towns

Paper Towns
Paper Towns

This is a story has what we’ve come to expect from John Green… awkward, quirky characters who you are meant to root for until the very end. This particular story from The Fault in Our Stars author, is about M (Margo) and Q (Quentin.) While they were childhood friends, once they hit high school they drifted apart. Margo runs with the popular kids while Q wades through the treacherous waters of high school life with his two best friends. One night M shows up at Q’s bedroom window for a night around the city that takes him far outside of his typical comfort zone.

M (Cara Delevingne) & Q (Nat Wolff)
Gathering supplies…

Through their night of misdeeds, where M exacts revenge on the group of friends who have betrayed her, Q’s feelings towards M are reignited. When M disappears the following day, Q is determine to find her, following all the clues she left behind.

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While this movie had a slow start, I still think it’s worth giving a shot.


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