Post-It Notes and Bright Ideas

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As most of my readers know, I’m currently elbow deep in revisions of my second spy novel. I’ve already done a post on how daunting the task of revising is. The second guessing, the should I add more information here… or does that sentence even make sense in the story anymore.

Sometimes I just have to take a break for a little while, and these are some ways I can keep the creative juices flowing while not straying to far from task at hand.

  • Going over the brainstorming and rough outline I have for the next book. Thus the title ‘Post-It Notes and Bright Ideas.” I love adding notes here and there with post in notes… they are perfect for quick story additions, dialogue that would perfectly fill out a scene, and brainstorming.
  • Take a reading break. I have a stack of books that are waiting for me to read, and it just keeps growing. Sometimes it’s good to read something in the genre you’re currently writing, but in this case I usually select something well outside of it.
  • Have some lunch. Sometimes when you’re revising you get so into what you’re doing you forget about things like food and water. It’s good to take a break and renew your outlook.
Baguette, Basil Chicken Chili & Venti Soy Chai
Baguette, Basil Chicken Chili & Venti Soy Chai


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