‘Recipe’ for a Perfect Saturday afternoon

‘Recipe’ for a Perfect Saturday

If I had to say what my ‘recipe’ for a perfect Saturday would be, it would be a combination of art and delicious food. We like to spend our Saturdays away from our everyday routines and take the day to get out an explore something that will keep us inspired throughout the week.

This past weekend, we started our day off with delicious food at one of our favorite Italian restaurants Omaggio Pizzeria where we had the chance to enjoy some favorites along with some new dishes (including a fabulous new dessert that’s just made it’s appearance on the menu.)

Every meal at Omaggio’s should start off with one of their appetizers, and our go to is their bruschetta. I always eat mine as it comes, while mom tops hers off with some grated parmesan.

‘Recipe’ for a Perfect Saturday afternoon

When we were in last, Daniel recommends this Chestnut Soup with Cream and Pancetta and after enjoying the Zucchini Soup on our last visit, mom was eager to try this one out. Doesn’t it look delicious?

‘Recipe’ for a Perfect Saturday afternoon

Semifreddo literally means ‘half cold’, and is a variation on ice cream or frozen custard that is frozen in a from and then sliced once slightly defrosted.

This pistachio semifreddo is the newest dessert at Omaggio and its definitely something that will both satisfy your sweet tooth and add a nice touch to the end of your meal.

We always like to check out one or two galleries on our Saturdays, depending on which galleries have new exhibitions up, so following our lunch at Omaggio, we headed over to the Myers Park area to check out the exhibition for artists Trip & Laura Park.

Trip & Laura Park
Laura Park
Trip & Laura Park
Trip Park

We also checked out a gallery that is new to us, the Soco Gallery in the Elizabeth area of Charlotte where they were featuring artwork by Anne Lemanski.

Perfect Saturday

To see more of the Rabbit Rabbit Rabbit exhibition at the Soco Gallery, check your inboxes next Monday!

Perfect Saturday

To finish off our day we headed over to our local Dolce Lusso in Baxter to get a much needed haircut for me (loving my new shorter bob and looking forward to adding some highlights on my next visit) and then our pedicures where I tried out my latest Butter London Lacquer in the nude shade, Yummy Mummy. LOVE!

So that’s my recipe for a perfect Saturday, I’d love to hear how you like to spend your Saturdays in the comments below.

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