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A few Saturday’s ago during our artsy outing which included an artist interview, visits to two of our favorite galleries and a bite of lunch at Luciano’s, we wandered into Reid’s Fine Foods (Selwyn Ave.) looking for something sweet to finish off our day on a delicious note. We never expected to find that they were having an Open House featuring delicious goodies from their locally based vendors.

The first stop we made after working our way through the crowd was the booth of Sweet Girl Cookies which is run by Alec, Nancy and the original Sweet Girl and official taster, Zoe. Through chatting with Alec, we learned that the Charlotte based cookie company works out of a commercial kitchen and creates all their cookies from scratch using only the finest ingredients. I gave the Chocolate Chip Cookie a try and was absolutely amazed. It was heaven for your tastebuds.

Reid's Fine Foods
Alec | Sweet Girl Cookies

Sweet Girl ships their cookies worldwide and recently sent off a shipment to Kandahar to troops stationed there. Per the website the cookies are made with only the finest ingredients from Ghirardelli chocolate chips to Valhrona dark cocoa imported from France, pure vanilla, organic raisins and pure butter.

Next, we stopped over at the Fannie Bragg Pound Cake booth where Pat Blummer offers the most delicious pound cakes you’ll ever have the pleasure to taste. Pat’s grandmother (Fannie Bragg) passed along the love of baking pound cakes down to Pat’s mother who passed it down to her, and with the encouragement of her two sons, Pat shared her delicious Pound Cakes with the rest of us. The end result is absolutely scrumptious!

Reid's Fine Foods
Fannie Bragg Pound Cake

The last booth we stopped at (which was where I actually picked up my first sample) was The Scone Shop. I have always loved scones, and the Cinnamon Chip was one of the most delicious scones I’ve had. Owner Fielding Williams shared with us about her locally based business which opened in 2007. Her scones are made from scratch and couldn’t be easier to make, just pop them in the oven and bake. (Not to mention the Cinnamon Chip Scones will have your entire house smelling like Fall!)

Reid's Fine Foods
The Scone Shop

As we were taking our scones up to the register, our cashier told us that her absolute favorite were the Bacon Cheddar Scones because they made the perfect breakfast. Sounds yummy to me!

Reid’s Fine Foods has locations on both Selwyn Ave. in the Myers Park neighborhood and in South Park.

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