Revive Your Pout with Patchology

It’s no secret that I love facial masks, from face masks that hydrate your entire face, to those specially for your eyes. However, the mask that I’m sharing about today is specifically for your lips.

I’ve read about these lip patches from Patchology for awhile now, and I recently decided to try them out for myself.

There’s lot of serum going on, so open the package carefully and pull away the white backing on the patch before you apply.

Unlike the 10-20 minutes that are recommended for most face masks, you can just pop this patch on for 5 minutes before you apply your lip product for the day and then head out the door knowing that you gave your lips a little extra TLC.

After you remove the patch use your fingers to tap any remaining serum into your lips.

I’m definitely adding this to my skincare routine for those times when I need a little extra pampering and you can get a set of 24 applications from Lovelyskin.

Christa | theavidpen

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