Savannah | Day 3

This is how our breakfast try looked each morning… The orange juices on the side, mugs on the right… the main course in the middle and the extra muffins/scones on the top…

SCAD Store... right next to the Savannah School of Art and Design Admin Offices
SCAD Store… right next to the Savannah School of Art and Design Admin Offices

10:00a Left the Gastonian (in the pouring rain) for the SCAD store (Savannah College of Art and Design) There were lots of interesting things to see in the SCAD store… most of them items that had been created by current or former students who had/do attend the School. SCAD owned buildings etc are all around the city.

Had to take a picture of this guy... he was definitely something different.
Had to take a picture of this guy… he was definitely something different.


After visiting the store…. we went onto the E.Shaver Booksellers where I purchased postcards, a sketchbook/watercolor book of Savannah (the pictures inside were done by none other than SCAD students) and met the new shop dog. A rescue Shih tzu named Cookie… who was intent on trying to get out the door any chance she got.


After feeding the meter we went into the SCAD Administration building where we got to see this massive metal bee… So cool…

Cool right?
Cool right?



We still had time to ‘kill’ and with the rain clearing up a bit we walked across the square to one of the many churches in  Savannah. Stain-glass windows lined the walls, wooden pews stood in two wide rows leading up to the front of the church…After checking the time, we walked back to our lunch destination for the day… and waited patiently for the door be opened…


Hello Gryphon…. This charming restaurant was once an apothecary… and still has the stained glass mortar and pastel above the bar… The walls are lined with books, and coupled with the design of the interior you really feel like you have revisited the 1920’s 1930’s era… my kind of restaurant…



Now for what to order. I finally decided on what I like to call a Caesar Salad on a sandwich… How did I come up with that you ask? Well the sandwich consists of French bread, grilled chicken, Romaine lettuce, shaved Parmesan and Caesar dressing.

But wait… there’s more… Wait till you hear/read about what my mom had. To say that it was a goat cheese salad doesn’t even give it justice… I’m going to paint a picture for you here…. are you ready?

Imagine this… Fresh field greens, silvered almonds, cranberries, sliced pears… now add to that a goat cheese that had been sliced, rolled in a breadcrumb and herb mixture and then baked to perfection….   Are you drooling yet?

You didn’t think I was going to tell you all about it and not show you a picture of it did you… That would just be unnecessarily cruel…




Now if you’re not originally from the south… you always have one fear when you order Tea… will be it be so sweet that you feel like you’ve consumed your sugar quota for the entire year?

Well the folks at Gryphon have that covered. You just order your tea and they bring you out what is known as ‘Simple Syrup’ allowing you to sweeten your tea to suit your own taste buds.

The bar...
The bar…

Check please…



Now that we’d had some food… it was time for some culture… Enter… The Jepson Center… You can’t tell much from the outside picture but when you step foot inside you are shocked with stark white… The gloom outside has nothing on this museum…

Jepson Center
Jepson Center

I’m not an abstractionist. I’m not interested in the relationship of color or form or anything else. I’m interested only in expressing basic human emotions: tragedy, ecstasy, doom, and so on. — Renior

While there weren’t alot of displays… the sculptures they did have were impressive… unfortunately no pictures were allowed… he… hem…



I had to take a picture of this little guy… (well he’s bigger in person… but you get the idea) This ingenious creation was made using pretty much anything you could find from hubcaps to mixers… you name it… they put it to it’s new second use…On our way out we stopped by the store… and were almost immediately ensnared by the large umbrellas they had on display… now one would ask… why get another umbrella if you already have one?

Well not only were these umbrellas larger than the ones we had… but that they were much brighter and happier…Did someone say photo shoot?


This is me in Forsyth Park, stylin’ and profiln’ with mom’s umbrella… It wasn’t raining much then… but what’s the harm in pretending… you got it… flaunt it… in the ‘rain’  =)




We got to Forsyth Park just at the right time… parked where we did when we saw the Grand Bohemian Gallery (across the street) and started walking towards the fountain… Art students sketch and paint throughout the park, tourists and locals walk along the paths gathering inspiration from the beauty surrounding them… ah….





I took lots of pictures while walking around… but here are a few of the magnificent fountain that sits/stands in the center of the park… it really was quite impressive…