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Of all the boxes that I’ve received from Fab Fit Fun, I was the most excited about the Fall box. It’s one of my absolute favorite seasons because the weather starts to turn cooler, the afternoon light is warmer and the leaves change into brilliant shades of orange, red and yellow.

Fab Fit Fun

One of the first items that I fell in love with from this box was the Cozy Wrap by Mer-sea & Co. There’s nothing that says Fall like a fluffy warm wrap and this one is perfect for when you’re traveling and the weather turns out to be a little cooler than you expected.

Fab Fit Fun
Mer-Sea & Co. | Retails at $98

Next up is a Matte Color & Shiny Balm Lip Crayon from Trestique in Florence Fig & Rose Balm. I couldn’t be happier with the color that they sent me, as it’s the perfect go-to color for the fall and winter seasons. This product is a 2 in 1 with a lip color crayon with a matte finish and then a BB lip balm (for those of us who love to add a bit of shine and moisture to our lips.)

Fab Fit Fun
Matte Color & Shiny Balm Lip Crayon | Trestique

I’ve always had a thing for heart shapes, so the Coxet Wire Heart Ceramic Jewelry Holder was a seriously cute addition to the box. It can be used at your desk (whether at work or your home office to keep all sorts of things, or you can also use it as a Jewelry Holder.

I literally cannot wait to use this next item from MyTagalongs. I’ve been planning on getting an cold/hot pack that I can use on my neck when I have migraines and/or neck tension for so long, and now I finally have one. It’s also a good idea to use after you’ve been to the gym, or after a serious chiropractic adjustment.

(Plus if you haven’t been to their website, you really should. So many fun travel goodies including this eye mask.)

Fab Fit Fun
Hot & Cold Gel Pack | My Tagalong

Next up is the Lavender Cuticle Oil from Deco Miami. The packaging alone had me interested in giving this cuticle oil made with a blend of vitamins, organ oil and bamboo extract a try. Since I don’t usually paint my fingernails, I like to use a cuticle oil from time to time and this cuticle oil is ideal to use before you apply your favorite polish.

Fab Fit Fun
Lavender Cuticle Oil | Deco Miami

I’ll have to take another picture of this cute bag when I actually have it full of ‘gear’ for going to the gym. (That is when I have time to go…) We have to places nearby I’d love to check out Barre 3 and Pure Barre, so I know that this bag will come in handy when I finally make it to a class.

Fab Fit Fun
Meet Me at the Barre

I love to indulge in face masks and sheet masks at least once a week, so I’m definitely looking forward to trying out this Renewing Mud Mask from Whish Beauty this weekend. This mud mask has all natural ingredients which include bentonite clay, aloe and reship oil and will leave your skin feeling smoother and help prevent the signs of aging.

Fab Fit Fun
Whish | Mud Mask

This next item I will probably pass along as a gift, as I’m concerned about how sensitive my teeth are despite this being an all natural product. I’ve definitely heard so many good things about using activated charcoal and coconut to both clean and whiten your teeth. This Whitening Powder from Molr Dental Club promises to get rid of stains that can be caused by wine, coffee and help get rid of pesky plaque build up.

Fab Fit Fun
Molr C + C | Whitening Factory

The sponsored item that Fab Fit Fun included in this boxes the time around comes from Cottonelle, and these Flushable Cleasning rides are perfect to keep in your bag when you’re on the go.

Fab Fit Fun
Fresh Care | Cottonelle
Fab Fit Fun
All the goodies…

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