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It’s nice to treat yourself to something, and this year I’ve been treating myself to the Fab Fit Fun boxes. As I mentioned in the post about the Spring box, what first interested me in signing up for Fab Fit Fun was the pictures I’d seen up on my Pinterest feed. You receive a box four times a year, and you get up $200 dollars  worth of goodies for a fraction of the price.

Along with your goodies, you get a newsletter that tells you all about the products in your box along with some info about the creators behind them. This months newsletter included some delicious recipes from Giada De Laurentiis.

Ruana | Michael Stars

Valued at $54, this Ruana can be worn a variety of ways, as a shawl, scarf or sarong depending on what look you’re going for. Although the pattern is not one I personally go for unless pairing it with solid colors, it would make a fun wrap after you’ve taken a dip in the pool or if you want to belt it over your workout outfit after a yoga session for errands around town.

BKR | Little 500 ML

I’ve been a fan of BKR for awhile now. I love the glass bottles and they’re perfect for when you’re on the go whether it’s the gym or a meeting. They also fit in most drink holders. Plus, although you can see it in the picture, the top of the bottle has a little loop that’s perfect for when you’re carrying it around and you can always attach it your gym bag if you like.

On the Road Again | Understated Leather

Since I went with the Traveler option for my first choice, I received this leather passport holder and there’s also a luggage tag as well which says, Hands Off…

Ultra Light Hydrating Sunscreen Lotion SPF 50+ | Eau Thermale Avene

I’ve been a fan of Eau Thermale Avene since my Birchbox days, and which I’d had this along with me on my most recent trip. What I love especially love about this brand is that their products are Hypoallergenic which is a major selling point for those of us with sensitive skin. I also love the Avene Thermal Spring Water Spray as it’s an amazing unscented mid day refresher for your face.

Tip: You can mix this with your foundation and get extra coverage.

So this Picture Perfect Highlighter in Bronze from Cargo Cosmetics won’t exactly work for my ultra pale skin unless I was magically able to switch my skin tone from rosy undertones to olive, but I know exactly where it can find a happy home. This product retails for $30 and can be used to accentuate the top of your cheekbones, under the brow bone, and your cupid’s bow.

Smoothing Eye Concentrate | Juice Beauty

I’ve definitely been in the market for trying out different products to use around the eye area lately, partly to prevent wrinkles since I’m in my thirties, and secondly just to soothe the under eye area in general.

This product works both to moisturize (which helps with those dark under eye circles that make you look like a raccoon but not in a cute way) and helps to get rid of perky fine lines. Like the Sunscreen I mentioned earlier, this product can be mixed with your concealer (which I never leave the house without putting on) to give even more coverage and extra moisturizing power.

One of the things I love the most about this product is it absorbs quickly and doesn’t leave your skin with any sticky residue. AWESOMENESS!

03 Soothe and Cool Massage Oil | Way of Will

I don’t know about you, but I actually enjoy when there are items in the box that I can pass along to others. I love chamomile both as a tea and as a essential oil because of it’s relaxing properties. Seriously, if you’ve had a rough day, a cup of chamomile will soon set things to rights, or at least relax you enough to think about happier things.

This particular product is made for use after a workout sesh and is make with a base of sweet almond and apricot kernel. Next a big of jojoba oil is thrown in to help your skin retain moisture, elasticity and suppleness and then German chamomile to help cool your skin.

Mystic Bar Necklace | Kris Nations

I LOVE necklaces that are meant for layering, and this necklace which can be worn alone as well, works very well along with other pieces that I already own. It’s adjustable too so it can either be your shorter (which I prefer) or longer layer.

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