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If you could have a second chance at life, no matter what the cost, would you take it? That’s a question that Damian (Ben Kingsley) a dying real estate mogul must ask himself. Is living a little longer really worth the cost?

Ben Kingsley | Self/less
Ben Kingsley | Self/less

After going through a dangerous procedure, Damian’s consciousness is ‘transferred’ to a newer, healthier body. At first everything about his new life seems ideal, but then he starts having flashbacks of a life he never lived. Someone else’s life.

When the man responsible for his ‘re-birth’ doesn’t provide him with answers, he decides to go after the truth himself… which puts his life and the lives of others at risk.


This fast-paced movie will keep you on the edge of your seat throughout and I definitely recommend it. Still not convince about whether you want to see Self/less or not? Check out the trailer below.


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