Shain Gallery… Welcomes Karen Hollingsworth and Estella Fransbergen

Karen Hollingsworth is one of favorite artists to see. Her paintings are so lifelike, the brush strokes so impossible to see, that it’s almost like they’re a photograph. So, when we found out the Shain Gallery was having showcase of her work we knew we had to go.  (Another plus, we would get to meet the artist herself!)


The weather (which is increasingly unpredictable here in the Carolina’s) was looking stormy, so we grabbed our umbrella’s before heading into the gallery and we were certainly glad that we did. The moment we stepped in through the front door, an absolute monsoon began.

Now for the art…

It was beyond exciting getting to speak with Karen. The moment she started talking about her work and inspiration, her face just lit up with excitement. We learned that one of her favorite things to sketch and paint in art school were bags and it really shows. She has a collection of them at home and uses them to help stage some of her paintings. The flowers come from her garden and the birds are thanks to two special people in her life, her brother-in-law and sister. Her sister has lots of birds visiting the feeders in her garden, and her brother-in-law photographs them for her.

Now for the artist on display… Estella Fransbergen. We’ve seen the sculptures from time to time on display in the gallery, but we were able to see some brand new ones this time!

Now for a few pictures of some of the other artist currently on display.

After seeing the art we were more than ready for dinner, so we headed over to Nolen’s Kitchen right across the way. It had thankfully stopped raining at that point, but eating outside was not a possiblity.

The next time you’re in the mood to see a little art (and are in the Charlotte) you should definitely check this gallery out!


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