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On the last day of 2016, we had the amazing opportunity to check out Shen Yun, which featuring traditional Chinese dance and ballet, along with the Shen Yun orchestra.

Before the event, we had lunch at our favorite pre-matinee restaurant, Halcyon.

View from our table.
We both went with the French Omelette, and mum enjoyed some of their citrus/mint iced tea.

The show was a visual masterpiece, from the ‘movie screen’ backgrounds which brought the settings of each dance to life, and the brightly colored costumes, and talents dancers. All of the dancers receive their training at New York’s Fei Tian Academy of the Arts and the company is based out of New York as well.

Each dance was introduced in both English and Mandarin, and the history of both the dances and the Chinese culture were explained throughout the program.

One of my favorite dances of the program was the Umbrellas choreographed by Jinman Li & Gu Yun, Lotus Fairies choreographed by Michelle Ren, and Yellow Blossoms choreographed by Yungchia Chen.

via Shen Yun Han Dynasty Sleeve Dance choreographed by Michelle Ren

Although I wish that I’d been able to capture some photographs for the post, due to copyright issues etc photography was not allowed. I did however, find this video to share, and you can read/view more about the show on their website,

They are bringing this years program to several more cities throughout the US this year, and I’d highly recommend checking out the show. A new program with new choreography is introduced each year, so as our hosts mentioned, “Just because you’ve seen it once, doesn’t mean you won’t want to see it again!”


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    I’ve never heard of a show like that. Sounds beautiful!

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