Shh… I'm revising.


So, about two weeks ago I wrote the last sentence of my initial draft of spy novel number 2. It’s my second foray into the world of espionage, a genre which I always loved and now have finally gotten the courage to write.

At times it was a struggle getting into the head of Nicholas Caine, my main character. It is the hope of every author (at least I hope so) to help the reader engage with the characters, be sympathetic during the bad times and happy when things finally take a turn for the better. Nicholas Caine usually tends to go through more bad than good, as you’ll understand when I finally get that first book published. I’ve gone down the self-publishing route before, but this time I’m going all the way. My thicker skin is almost there after my initial attempts at getting the self-published books out there. I’ve found the genre I love and my voice. Two very important things.

The revision process can be exciting and it can also be very daunting. The challenges are always the same. Get that word count, but don’t lose your readers interest just to reach that number. If you’re writing a series (or trilogy like I am) you have to find the fine line between giving too much away too soon, and not giving the reader enough information to keep their interest. No one wants a reader to start the series and not finish it. Keep that momentum going.

I’m only 25 pages into revising Truth & Lies, but hopefully by the end of it, I will overcome those feelings of self-doubt that often plague the most talented of scribes, and end up with something I can be proud of.


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  • Reply Penny Sue Carter March 17, 2014 at 6:30 pm

    Revision, above all, my nemesis. I find I hate it with a passion reserved only for lima beans. If you come up with any ideas on how to make either revisions or lima beans more palpable, please do share. You have my sympathy.

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