Spend an Artsy Evening at Hidell Brooks Gallery

If you’re in the mood for spending an artsy evening in Charlotte’s Southend, look no further than the Hidell Brooks Gallery. There will be three artist on display for tonights first Friday Art Crawl in Southend, so come and enjoy some art, hor d’oeuvre’s and conversation from 6-8pm.

Into the Deep | Mary Rountree Moore

I strive to capture the feeling of those fleeting moments of the sublime- the vast beauty of nature, which humbles us all. The images are derived from nature’s innate abstractions, allowing the mind’s eye to gather it’s own interpretations.  It is the memory of those undeniable visual experiences that gives me inspiration.  Balance in the natural order is strongly apparent in my serene landscapes. – Mary Rountree Moore 2017

Fine Line 2017 | Kiki Slaughter

For abstract artist Kiki Slaughter, her method is often her muse. Her paintings are best described as an experiment with the fundamental process of painting. She pours, scrapes, layers and otherwise manipulates paint on the canvas to create works that are rich in both color and texture. She is inspired to paint by the very act of painting. – Hidell Brooks

2 White Peonies | Katy Schneider

I approach flower painting similarly to portrait painting, which I have done my whole life. each flower portrait takes on a particular character. peonies in particular lend themselves wonderfully to a range of emotions, personalities, and change in character dramatically from hour to hour; balled up, “heady”  (literally and metaphorically) in their early stages, open, complex, wild in their later stages. each stage presents its own challenges. light is aways the organizer.  I turn out all the lights and use one spotlight, almost like providing sunshine at night. Such lighting helps me to understand the structure of the complex forms by simplifying it into shapes of dark and light. It also helps create a particular mood, suggesting “who” this flower is.  This past year many of the peony paintings are 2 headed, couples, perhaps even twins- which wouldn’t surprise me considering I have a twin sister. It is always interesting to recognize how one’s relationships to people and to the world plays itself out through the process of painting – even when the subject matter is (or rather -seems to be)  still life. -Katy Schneider 2017

If you aren’t able to attend the opening reception, the exhibition will be on display from May 5th through June 24th.


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