Sugarfina | Sweet Spring Treats

Spring calls for sweet treats… Sugarfina, based out of California, has always had the highest quality sweets and have been my go-to for my candy needs for the past few years. Since the Easter holidays were this month, I thought it was an excellent time to order up some yummy sweet treats.

I’ve seen these adorable Suns Out, Buns Out bunny candy boxes from Sugarfina at a few of the Charlotte area boutiques, and new that I just had to have them. Not only is the box the cutest thing but the strawberry marshmallow bunny tails are absolutely delicious. If you like sour over sweet, go for the blue bunny box with it’s multicolored bunny sours.

Suns Out, Buns Out

Every candy order of mine must include gummies of some sort, and this time I ordered a sampler of the Baby Butterflies that come in assorted flavors of strawberry, lemon, apple and raspberry.

Baby Butterflies

I also ordered taster samples of the Robin’s Egg Caramels made here in the US…

Robin’s Egg Caramels

…and the Marzipan Eggs imported from Germany.

Marzipan Eggs

I already know one new thing I’m definitely going to have get with my next order, aren’t these Pink Gummy Flamingos just the cutest thing ever?


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