Berries & Vanilla Ice Cream | End of Summer Dessert

With the end of Summer on the horizon, I wanted to have a chance to enjoy some of the gorgeous berries along with some Vanilla Ice Cream from Breyers (lactose-free of course!) It’s the perfect way end a summer meal since it’s not too rich and the berries add a delicious pop of flavor that will make your tastebuds all sorts of happy.

My sister and her husband recently took a trip to the Magnolia Market in Waco, Texas that I shared with you all in the post Hello, from Magnolia. They brought some surprises back for us that I’m featuring in this post (and another that will be making an appearance in a future post.)

Ceramic Berry Basket Magnolia

The berries that I’m getting ready to enjoy are in this Ceramic Berry Basket is available in four different colors.

Ice Cream and Magnolia Scoop

The scoop (which is more for show than function) makes the perfect prop for your dessert shoots. So I’m going to enjoy having it in my little collection.

Berries and Vanilla Ice Cream Breyers
These berries were so plump and gorgeous I just had to give them their own close up.

While these particular berries come from our local grocery store, we have two amazing fruit ‘stands’ just up the road from where we live. They’ve provided us with the most scrumptious peaches during the Summer months. I drive past at least one of them on my way to and from work, along with several groves of peach trees and the strawberry fields that are so green and luscious every Spring.

Berries and Vanilla Ice Cream
Time to add the berries…

If you have dairy issues, then you’ll really love the taste of this lactose-free Vanilla ice cream from Breyers. It has the same taste, and can be enjoyed with a variety of toppings. If you’re trying to be ‘good’ then this berry option is definitely the way to go, but I also enjoy it with the Hershey’s Chocolate Syrup which is delicious and dairy free as well.

Berries and Vanilla Ice Cream

What is one of your favorite ways to enjoy your berries?

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