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Last Saturday we had the chance to see the latest exhibition at the Hidell Brooks Gallery. We always like to make the Hidell Brooks part of our art crawls, and since the latest exhibition had just opened the night before, it was the first on our list. Both of the artists featured in the exhibition are Southern artists, Susan McAlister ‘Natural Patterns’ and Kate Long Stevenson ‘Water and Air.’

From the moment we stepped into the gallery we couldn’t help but notice how well the two artists works complimented each other.

Susan McAlister

Susan McAlister received her BA from Davidson College and has been painting for over 30 years.  Her lush, often abstracted landscapes are evocative and powerful explorations of her quest for places and things that nurture and inspire. Susan applies multiple layers of paint, wax, marble dust and graphite combined to simultaneously construct and deconstruct. – Hidell Brooks

Susan McAlister Hidell Brooks
Close up of all the textures…

Kate Long Stevenson

Expressionist painter Kate Long Stevenson was born and raised in North Carolina, and began her professional career while a student at the University of the South. Gestural brushstrokes and a passion for color are characteristic to all of her pieces, ranging from figurative paintings to abstracts. – Hidell Brooks

The exhibition will be on display now through September 30th.

After our visit to the Hidell Brooks, it was time for a bite of lunch. We’d already decided to eat outside at Halcyon, since we’d never had a chance to dine outside, and the weather on Saturday was absolutely gorgeous.

French Omelette, yes please!
We both had the same idea… b/c it’s literally our favorite thing on the menu.

Christa | theavidpen

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