The Choice | Movie Review

This movie centers around Gabby (Theresa Palmer) and Travis (Benjamin Walker) who live next door to each other. Gabby is a medical student who works at the local hospital and Travis works with his father at his veterinary practice. Gabby has a serious boyfriend and Travis can’t seem to commit but from the moment these two have their first conversation, sparks begin to fly.

As far as Nicholas Sparks movies go, this one isn’t bad. It’s not ‘The Notebook’ or ‘Message in a Bottle’ but it’s up there with the better and not completely depressing books by Sparks that have been brought to the big screen.

There was a line that you’ll probably find a bit obnoxious (‘Come bother me…”) mostly because it’s said quite often… but there was good chemistry between the leads, and I was happy with the ending. Definitely worth a watch.

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