The Fearrington – Day 2

Nov 11th, 2013

A night without sleep… I guess it’s to be expected for the first night in a bed so different from my own.

It was far colder that morning, so dressed in warmer outfits, we heard over to the Fearrington House Restaurant, just a short walk away.

Breakfast Enterance
Breakfast Entrance

(This video was taken when we went over for afternoon tea, because there were too many guests in the room at the time we had breakfast!)

I had already picked out what I wanted for breakfast the night before (always good to be prepared if one possible can be!)

Frittata with goat cheese, crab and mushrooms… I was not prepared for how large it would be. One moment I’m munching on a bran muffin while waiting for my chamomile to steep and the next the largest frittata I’ve ever seen is placed in front of me. Needless to say, I couldn’t eat any more than half.

After breakfast we walked over to Dovecote which has a lovely selection of things, as well as a couple of live doves (Myles and Buster) who call the place home. When we first walked in one was cooing and other was laughing (almost like a human) but by the time I got the cage they were in the preening stage.

Meet Myles and Buster…

We walked around the shop for awhile looking at all the offerings. Need a wrap for dinner, check, a piece of jewelry. check, and new handbag, check. You will be absolutely in love with this little shop.

I picked up a new purse in the ‘Kelly bag’ style, a notepad with a giraffe wearing  a crown (note: I love giraffes) and a few other items.

We stopped in McIntyres’s again to see if they’d gotten any of the signed copies of ‘A Passion for Bread.’ (The book signing we were supposed to go on the previous day, but had been canceled due to a wedding be held in the village.) They didn’t, but since we were planning to head to the bakery itself that afternoon in Cary, NC we weren’t dissappointed.

So, moving on to Souther Seasons where we did a little culinary shopping and had lunch at the Weathervane. (Their roasted almond chicken salad I do not like, and that wasn’t the allergies speaking.)

Thanks to Ferdinand (my Magellan GPS) we arrive safely in Cary at Le Farm Bakery where we were going to pick up a signed copy of Lionel Vatinet’s book ‘A Passion for Bread.’ It was an absolute struggle to get in, as the place was absolute packed with people who all wanted lunch at the same time.

Once we returned ‘home’ the Fearrington, we picked up ‘The Insider’ from the main office and then headed over to tea. (Held every day from 4-5 as I’d previously stated.)

Walking to tea…

The tea-room…

This was the best tea ever, as not only were we the only ones there, but they’d been given notice that morning that they would have a guest who could not have dairy (me) and were prepared.

Raspberry candies, tuna salad, eggs salad, and proscuitto with fig jam… oh. so. delicious! I don’t even like tuna, but with shallots really made it.

Before heading back to the room, I took a few pictures of ‘the belties’ and this little video. I never thought I would think cows are cute, but these are.

‘The Belties’

8:30pm… time for room service. This is something we always enjoy while on vacation, and why not enjoy the room a little at the same time.

Given the late hour (even though there’s 24hr room service) we ended up going with something off the ‘Granary’ menu because it was the only restaurant in the village still open.

Now, time for the movie and then to bed. Good night!


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    Looks like you had a great time! Sure hope Mark and I can make it up there someday.

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