The Meddler | Movie Review

This year we’ve seen quite a few films dealing with the relationships between mothers & daughters, but out of all of this one is by far my favorite.

Susan Saradon plays a widow, Marnie, who after losing her husband moves from NYC to LA to be closer to her daughter and to get a much needed fresh start. However, her frequent calls don’t sit well with her daughter who would rather navigate through her own rather messy life which includes a boyfriend that she just can’t seem to get over.

In effort to get through the loneliness Marnie comes across an interest cast of characters, from the guy at the Apple store who she inspires to go back to school, to Zipper the studio security guard who she meets after accidentally stumbling onto a movie set and having her first chance to experience as an extra.

JK Simmons and Susan Sarandon
JK Simmons and Susan Sarandon

What I love about this movie is the character of Marnie, you see how she navigates this new world that is so different from the life she left, and while it seems that she’s just trying to overcome her loneliness by passing her the money her husband left her to others around her, she’s truly building the relationships that she’s always craved.

Susan Sarandon, Rose Byrne
Susan Sarandon, Rose Byrne

While her world started off small, Marnie becomes more self-reliant and adventurous than she could ever have expected and ends up not only rebuilding her relationship with her daughter but also finding a second chance at love.

Definitely a must-see.


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