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We’ve so enjoyed the performances we’ve seen by the Charlotte Ballet this year. The last program we’d seen was Romeo & Juliet (a collaboration between the CLT Symphony, CLT Ballet and Opera.) So, we were looking forward to seeing The Nutcracker again after seeing it performed by the Charlotte Ballet back in December of 2014.

This year The Nutcracker promised an all new production and costumes. I still remember how impressed we were by the costumes and performance the first time around.

We started our evening off at Blue (after circling round through city block after city block where no left turns are allowed in the evenings so it seems…) Thank goodness for complimentary valet!

I went with the Half Chicken that I enjoyed last time.
Mum decided to be adventurous with this Moroccan Tagine Chicken Dish.

After our meal with just minutes to spare, we headed over to the Belk Theater in the Blumenthal Performing Arts Center. This time around we chose seats on the left hand side of the theater in the grand tier boxes. I had both a view of the stage and a full view of the orchestra pit from my seat.

Let’s begin…

Bows for Part 1… time for intermission.
Time to get seated for Part 2.


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