The Space Between Us | Movie Review

So in recent weeks, we’ve seen several movies that have just not been up to snuff. Some we watched through the end just to see if the movie would get better (it didn’t) and others we couldn’t even make it through the first 20 minutes. That is the not the case with The Space Between Us. To say that I loved this movie would be an understatement. I knew from the moment I watched the trailer that this was a movie I could love, and one that I wouldn’t mind watching over and over.

The Space Between Us is centered around Gardner (Asa Butterfield, Hugo) and Tulsa (Britt Roberston, The Longest Ride). Gardner has been raised on Mars, after his mother, one of the astronauts sent to colonize the red planet gives birth to him. While his mother dies shortly after he is born, Gardner is kept a secret from the world, and is raised by the scientist who call Mars home.

Unknown to the the scientist who are working around him, Gardner begins a friendship with Tulsa, who has no idea he lives on Mars. After finding a photo of his mother in her belongings, Gardner decides that he’s going to go to Earth to meet Tulsa and together they can search for the only family he has left in the world, his father.

This film is full of heart warming and heart wrenching moments, but you can’t help but feel a connection to the character and hope that in the end everything will turn out exactly as it should.

I definitely recommend this one!


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