The Story Behind Peony Kisses

Ever since I first discovered Peony Kisses, an Australian brand that creates beautiful bags and wallets from genuine leather, I wanted to know more about the brand itself and it’s creator. For this post I had the opportunity to learn more about Peony Kisses from Marissa, the designer and creator behind the brand.

1| What inspired you to start Peony Kisses?  I was inspired to start Peony Kisses after considering to myself what I would really like to do with my life, and what I would really love to do with my career. I decided that developing Peony Kisses into something big would be my absolute dream as a career and decided that there was no harm in starting early. I weighed up the pros and cons of starting Peony and found that the benefits outweighed the negatives. I was and still am in a stage of my life where I am fortunate enough to not have to be dependant on a consistent income and where I lack responsibilities due to my age (16).

2| Was your family a support system in getting the business up and running? My family were a support system as I was able to bounce off ideas on them. Regarding the actual ongoings of the business, my family aren’t part of that. The website, social media, content, photography, ordering, posting, media awareness, marketing, designing and so on has all been done by me. The business was self-funded by me as well, and was due to my working, usually every weekend in retail and saving that money in my account for close to two years.

3| Do you have a brand or designer that inspires you?  Brands that I love on a design level would be Miu Miu and Vivetta. They’re cute, feminine, playful yet boast a more grounded level of sophistication without the degree of pretentiousness that can be associated with more expensive brands.

4| How did you come up with your designs? What is your design process? I tend to feel inspired after going to cute parts of Sydney, my favourite being around Paddington and Surry Hills, or visiting art galleries, and of course, Pinterest searching! After this initial spark of inspiration I tend to start drawing rough sketches of what I would like and develop from it there, I then use photoshop to draw a clear execution of what I have envisioned. From there, it is easy to communicate with my manufacturers.

5| Which style of bag is your favorite? My favourite style would have to be a cross body! Cross bodies are like a girl’s best friend, you can take from day to night with all of your essentials, they’re what you take out brunching, to the movies, on a first date, to that art gallery, and so on.

6| Of all the gorgeous colors your bags and wallets are available in, do you have a favorite color?  Of course I love all my colours… but I’m definitely a baby blue girl. Baby blue is young and fresh! A deep red is a close second however, red to me is a total Girl Boss colour.

7| You work with genuine leather. What is the best way to care for your bags? Our cross bodies and wallets are made out of a nappa leather, we suggest that to care for these products you should store them in a cool dry spot, and for the cross bodies you should store them in their dust bags when not in use. The saffiano leather use for the tote bag is sturdy and really convenient to look after, thus why we chose it for a bigger scale bag, we would recommend storing in a cool dry spot, keeping it in its dust bag, and when wanting to clean the bag, just use a dry and soft cloth.

8| Where do you see your business going in future? I would love to see Peony Kisses in the future having a variety of stockists, expanding our range and expanding a customer base to more locations internationally!



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    Those are so cute!

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    OMG! The bags are sooooo gorgeous! I want one!!!

  • Reply Melinda May 23, 2017 at 12:40 pm

    She’s only 16? Wow!

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