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Saturday, April 5th, 2014

Sometimes you have to run errands. Everyone does… and most people dislike them. They are things we have to do… but if you try hard enough… it’s possible to make them fun!

First the Needlepoint Finisher (aka my mum) had to do some ribbon and fabric shopping… I had to pick up an adorable baby shower gift… and then we headed over to Amelie’s Rock Hill location.

Before we walked in, I couldn’t help but notice they’ve started their own wall of locks, inspired by the larger ones in Paris.

This would be the second time we’ve gone to Amelie’s.  I was really looking forward to  their Dijon Chicken Salad, so we decided to step in for a bite to eat. Last time we sat at one of their regular tables.

One of the tables on the first floor...
One of the tables on the first floor…

However, this time we snagged the window seats. I’ve always wanted to sit in a window seat to eat my lunch.

After hour lunch, we headed over to pick up our herbs, mints, and onions etc before finally heading home. It was a Really. Long. Day… but we made the most of it.

Note: Stay tuned to my foodie blog for how our little deck garden turned out this year!


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