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The Lake House | Kate Morton
The Lake House | Kate Morton

The latest novel by Kate Morton is released today, and I’m excited to get a chance to pick up a copy. (I had been going back and forth about just downloading the ebook, but sometimes you really need to have that paper copy where you can actually feel the pages with your fingertips!)

This story is a mystery that deals with two different timelines that are separated by 70 years. It starts off in 2003 where a police officer, Sadie Sparrow visits her grandfather in Cornwall. During her time there she stumbles onto the case of a missing child. Although it took place so long ago, she is determined to learn everything about the case and solve the mystery.

Sounds good doesn’t it? Want to check out other novels by Kate Morton… Here’s the list…

  • House at Riverton
  • The Forgotten Garden
  • The Distant Hours
  • The Secret Keeper


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