Tomorrowland | Movie Review

Britt Robertson
Britt Robertson

This movie starts off with George Clooney telling the story about how as a young boy/inventor whose dreams take him to the World’s Fair in 1969. There he meets a little girl named Athena. Even though his invention doesn’t work as planned, she believes in him and presents him with a pin.

After a series of events he finds himself in the futuristic world, Tomorrowland, where inventions the world hasn’t even dreamed about exist.

Cue to the present. Where we meet Casey. She still believes in lifes possibilities, but doesn’t always go about it the legal way. With the Space station about to be torn down, and her father soon to be out of a job, she makes a decision that lands her in jail.

When she is discharged, she finds an unusual pin her belongings, and when she touches it, something unexpected happens.

I enjoyed this film that showed in spite of adversity there is a change to change your future for the better. If you just believe.



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