Top 10 Favorite Films for Christmas

Everyone has their favorite films to watch around the holiday season. Whether you like the classics or something more modern, here’s a list of films that you should check out.

1| Love Actually – I watch this one every year, and every year I love it even more.

2| Home Alone – We’ve watched these films every year since I was little, and they never get old.

3| Meet Me in St. Louis – For those of you who love the classics this film is definitely one to watch around the holidays.

4| A Christmas Carol – We watched this film several times during high school, and while there are quite a few versions out there, the Patrick Stewart version is still my favorite.

5| Santa Clause – I watched this one for the first time this week after watching Santa Clause 3 a time or two. So I’m watching them backwards…

6| A Charlie Brown Christmas – Whether your still a kid, or a kid at heart, no holiday season can pass without watching Charlie Brown and the gang.

7| The Polar Express – If you’re looking for a film full of holiday magic and charm, this is definitely a film that delivers.

8| Miracle on 34th Street – This one has both a classic and a remake, but I’m planning on checking out the original this holiday season.

9| It’s a Wonderful Life – This is a Classic that most everyone who loves this time of year has seen a time of year.

10| Elf – If you like comedy mixed with a lot of heart, you’ll want to check add this Will Ferrel film to your list of movies to watch this holiday season.


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