Turquoise & Gold

It’s been awhile since I’ve taken the time to make a new piece of jewelry. So, when I took some time off from my day job over the holidays, I decided to create this turquoise and gold piece.

The materials… Picasso beads, amber beads, gold chain and wire.

This necklace is very easy to make if you have some experience making jewelry. The only technique you’ll need to know how to do is to creating a rosary loop.

As far as chain and wire you can usually find those at your local craft store. I picked up these particular Picasso beads from my favorite Etsy shop Arte Bella Surplus.

Planning it out…

It’s always important to plan out your piece before you get started and cut each length of chain in equal lengths.

First section done.
Creating a rosary loop to connect the beads to chain.
All finished.


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